Chartreuse @ Nomel Arts

I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Avalene Musik and Cecelia Beavers’ joint show ‘Chartreuse’ at the new location of Nomel Arts this past Saturday.

I’m lucky enough to consider Ava a close friend and source of inspiration. I’m delighted to find the appreciation is mutual. Here is her remarkable homage, nay, refinement of a recent Hélène arrangement of ours.     


The show will be up until 9/3. Live paintings and accompanying raffles by Ava are being held 8/23, 8/24, and 8/25 and can be attended in-person and via IG livestream with more information on her IG @maybe.its.avalene and at I highly recommend seeing the works of both artists in person. In case attending is not possible, see the image gallery below for a glimpse of the show.

‘Chartreuse’ by Avalene Musik and Cecelia Beavers @ Nomel Arts located at The Food Terminal, 1500 Clinton S Unit 158 Upper, Buffalo, NY 14206.

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