Trained in the maximalist style…

     We soon realized the beauty of each individual piece was lost in overabundance. We gravitated toward a new fusion of ikebana and Western techniques. Our mission is to highlight each flower to its fullest potential. For us, this includes choosing a vessel or vase deserving of an arrangement.

     Our inspiration is the concept of wabi-sabi, or finding beauty in imperfection. Our moniker is both an ode to the Latin root for greenery {“botan–”), as well as the Japanese word for peony (牡丹).

     bōtan consists of D. Sloan & friends.

Our arrangements are made to order and include our finest, freshest picks and are composed into our original ikebana-inspired or Dutch maximalist designs. Delivery available upon request. Flowers are florist’s choice, unless by special request.

We at bōtan are seasoned wedding florists dedicated to high quality work at an affordable cost. Our formula is simple. We minimize expense by juxtaposing imported rarities with foraged and locally grown flora. We maximize the beauty of each arrangement through our careful compositions, inspired by combinations of Western and ikebana techniques. Our look can be characterized as “old world,” but we remain contemporary through our many influences and continuous experimentation. If you are interested in setting up a complementary consultation, please fill out this form or call us at 716-220-7257.

A new component of the studio is a curated collection of novelty items, vintage dresses, and antique vases.

Our commitment…

     We at bōtan are committed to quality service at an affordable price. We offer competitive pricing comparable to nationwide floral providers for a much higher quality product.

     We are committed to an environmentally sustainable practice. We source from local farms as much as possible, compost all our floral waste, abstain from the use of Oasis™ Floral Foam (#nofloralfoam), and use only compostable or reusable plastics.

      We are committed to social platforms that uphold human rights, especially for minorized peoples. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly.  We make it a priority to be a vocal member of the local community and make regular donations to local non-profits.

     For more information on any of the above, please inquire via email.