70s beaded planter + Happy Bean


Handmade vintage hanging planter c. 1970s featuring translucent beading.

Includes (semi-)succulent plant in a matte black terracotta pot with drainage and saucer. Both the “crystal glow” and “atomic orange” are 28″ long. “Electric blue” is 22″ long. Terracotta pot has a 4″ diameter.

Pincushion Peperomia, or Happy Bean, is a small semi-succulent perennial species from the family Piperaceae. It is native to Peru and the rainforests of South America.

Place in well-lit space with natural light, but avoid intense sunlight. Water thoroughly when topsoil is dry to touch. The leaves of the peperomia plant are semi-succulent, meaning they store some amount of water and are moderately drought resistant. The Happy Bean prefers temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees and cannot tolerate temperatures under 50 degrees.

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